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Commercial Wheelchair Lift – Wayne

Commercial Wheelchair Lift – Wayne

Access & Mobility Specialist is your one stop shop for Accessibility Equipment. Whether your need is residential or commercial, AMS can provide the solution and manage the project to completion. This job is the replacement of an existing Commercial Wheelchair lift servicing several high end business’s in a historic building located in Wayne PA. The existing wheelchair lift was manufactured […]
Stairlift Rental – Malvern

Stairlift Rental – Malvern

Access & Mobility Specialists recently completed this stairlift rental installation in Mavern. We installed a Bruno Elite stairlift on the left hand side of the stairwell. The unit is plugged in at existing outlet near the lower landing. The Bruno Elite stairlift is among the industry leaders with superior reliability and a large variety of […]

Curved Stairlift Install

Here are some pictures of a recent custom curved stairlift that was installed in Reading, PA home. This unit was an “outside 90” with an additional mid park position. The mid park was recommended due the lower entry door encroachment. The unit was powered by an existing outlet in the lower entry way. The exact […]

Stairglide with Folding Rail

Here are some pictures from a recent stairglide install. In this West Chester home we installed two short stairlifts. One stairglide each flight before and after the middle landing allowing the home owner to access the upper level of the home with ease. The lower stairglide unit has a “folding rail” option added to allow the main […]

Stairlift – Rental or Purchase

When the need for a stairlift arises one of the most important considerations is whether to rent the stairlift or purchase the stairlift? There are benefits and drawbacks to both installation options. Here are couple key points to keep in mind when considering a stairlift rental or purchase. 1. Projected Length of Need – is the […]

The Basics – Stairlifts

When shopping for a residential stairlift there are several key questions that need to be answered. 1. Physical Stature – Height and weight of primary user? This allows the proper equipment model to be recommended. Maximum weight capacity can be as low as 250lbs and up to 600lbs depending on the unit. It also allows the installing […]

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