Lightweight Scooter and Wheelchair Rentals


Access & Mobility Specialists – South Eastern PA’s leader in quality and service  for mobility scooter and wheelchair rentalsOur showroom and service center is located on business Rt 30 in Downingtown, Chester County. Our large showroom and shopping center location allows you the ability try several models and determine which one is correct for your activity. Whether you’re attending a conference for business,  visiting Historic Philadelphia or touring Amish country in Lancaster, Access & Mobility Specialists has the right product for your scooter rental needs.

Golden Buzz Lightweight Rental Scooter

Golden Buzz Lightweight Rental Scooter

Access & Mobility Specialists is proud to offer Made in the USA scooter models by Golden Technology. All of our rental units are the latest models. We offer both 3- and 4-wheel portable travel scooters. Our most popular portable scooter, easily disassembles into 4 parts weighing no more then 32lbs. and can be transported in any vehicle.  All of our rental scooters come pre-charged,  fully serviced and ready to use!

Literider mid-size rental scooter

Golden Literider mid-size rental scooter

Basic Mobility Scooter Rental Rates –

$35 per day   – $200 per week – $375 per month WEB SPECIAL!!

Common Questions
Question: Which scooter would you recommend me?

Answer: there are 3 things to consider: (Visit our showroom and decide for yourself)

  • A: If you are under 200lb or perhaps little bit more I recommend the Golden Buzz XL ,because this scooter is the # 1 scooter on the market in the light weight portable class and is easy to maneuver especially inside casinos and conventions centers where space is tight.
  • B: If you are between 200lb and 260 I ‘ll recommend the Golden Lite Rider because it is the best mid sized, portable 3 wheel scooter in the market. Good for in and outdoor used.
  • C: If you are between 260 and 350 lb I recommend the Golden Companion. It is a full size luxury scooter that will provide the space and comfort our large customers require.
Question: Where can I pick up my scooter?

Answer: We have a full service showroom located on business Rt 30 in Downingtown. Delivery is also available

Question: Is there an extra charge for delivery?

Answer: It depends on length and location of rental. Generally rentals of a week or longer can be delivered free of charge. Scooters can always be pick-up free of charge at our showroom.

Question: Does the scooter have a key?

Answer: Yes, it has a key but do not leave your scooter unattended.

Question: Where should I return my scooter?

Answer: You should return your scooter to our showroom or the point of scheduled pick-up.

Question: I have never used a scooter before can the delivery driver be there when I arrive?

Answer: Yes of course, we take great pride in our customer service. This means that everyone you interact with will be experienced, and explain everything that you will need to know about the scooter (troubleshooting etc…).

Question: What to do if the scooter does not work?

Answer: Call us immediately!! 610-518-2221 — All of our equipment is in like new condition and current models guaranteed to work flawlessly.

Question: Is there a cancellation fee?

Answer: No not if you cancel 24hrs before the delivery.

Question: How long does the battery last?

Answer: On average our scooters are good for 1 day of battery life between charges. However, ride weight, ground conditions, and driving style can all affect the charge length.

Question: Does the scooter come with a charger?

Answer: Yes, it does

Question: I need a portable scooter but I only can lift 30 lb do you have one?

Answer: Yes, it is our most popular Model the Golden Buzz

Question: Are all of yours scooters portable?

Answer: No, some heavy duty scooters and wheelchairs require a van or truck to transport. However, we offer full service delivery and pick-up if requested.

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