Affordable: Assisted living is expensive and mom wants to live at home. We can create a safe place to age at a fraction of the cost of assisted living facilities.


 Peace Of Mind: Shower, bath, and home modifications to reduce slips and falls giving you and your loved ones peace of mind when you are not present.


 Sturdy: We have grab bars, toilet supports, non-slip mats, shower chairs and other solutions in-stock so you don’t have to keep replacing the broken towel racks.


 FREE: In home, no obligation, consultation to find the risks and recommend solutions to make your home safe and accessible with peace of mind.

"I would like to thank you and your staff for the efficient manner in which all of this was handled, and thank all."

"I would like to thank you and your staff for the efficient manner in which all of this was handled, and thank all."

"Thank you very much for all you have done for John. What a wonderful surprise. There is a Santa Clause."


Step in Tubs

Accessible Showers

Toilet Safety Frames

Transfer Benches

Grab Bars



Our local consultants will walk you and or a caregiver< through the safe operation of anything that you purchase from us at no charge to you.



Our consultants, technicians, and installers will treat your home or business like it’s our own. We take great care in insuring all products we install meet or exceed all safety requirements.



Have a question? Forget how to use something? Need to ask for advice about a mobility or access need? Call us, or stop into the store, we are here to help you.



If there is ever anything wrong with anything you purchase from us, give us a call. Usually it’s something simple. When it isn’t, we have a local team that can come to you, even for warranty work.

1. Install grab bars in and around the shower, bathtub and toilet. Use solid stainless steel screws installed into the studs or using heavy duty wall anchors (don’t nail them into the drywall). Test for strength and stability by grabbing onto them as if you were falling. They should not shake or move.

2. Place non-skid mats and decals on the floor of the shower or bath, as well as on the floor around the tub or shower.

3. Place a stool or shower chair in the shower stall. Consider a walk-in bath.

4. Have a place to sit and take care of things like brushing teeth, if you or your loved one tires quickly.

5. Put towels, soap, and shampoo within easy reach from the shower or tub.

6. Create a runway or lighted path by place night lights or motion lighting from your loved one’s bedroom to the bathroom, and in the bathroom itself.

7. The toilet can be modified if needed with a raised toilet seat. Higher rising toilets can also be installed.

8. Insure faucets are easy to turn and are marked visibly with “hot” and “cold.”

9. Remove dangerous rugs that could cause slips or trips; replace them with anti-slip mats around the shower or bathtub.

10. Have one of our consultants and installers get this job done quickly for you. Call us to get started. (610) 518-2221

Will I need to remodel my whole bathroom to make it safe?
Probably not, for most of our clients the installation of grab bars in certain key areas greatly reduces the risk of injury but everyones needs are different and so are their homes. We treat everyone as an individual and none of our solutions are one size fits all.


I have looked at buying online, why should I buy from you?
Unlike online businesses, if something breaks we can fix it locally. We also have certified installers that are familiar with mobility and access products and know how to install them. This is not the case with just any contractor you call in the phone book. We actually have on-staff certified technicians that can fix most problems.


Can I do it myself?
For many of the modifications, if you are handy, yes you can with common tools. Make sure you follow the ADA specifications and guidelines for placements and anchoring when doing so to insure safety. If you decide to do it yourself, give us a call and we will help you with the right products and recommendations for the job.


How long does it take?
Grab bars can take as little as an hour for installation, A tub to accessible shower conversion typically takes 2-3 days.

"Each of the three persons that I spoke with went out of their way to be helpful and courteous. How refreshing to be treated the way a customer deserves to be treated."

"Your staff was most helpful and professional. Your service was excellent and your rates were much lower than your competitor!"

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